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Mother and child rescued after EF-1 tornado flips mobile home in Beasley, FBCSO says

A mother and child suffered non-life threatening injuries amid a tornado and torrential rains in Fort Bend County, deputies say.

BEASLEY, Texas — A mother and child were injured after a mobile home they were in flipped over by a tornado, according to the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.

The two were rescued and rushed to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

FBCSO says the trailer flipped over on the roadway around the same time a suspected tornado was on the ground with heavy rainfall.

It happened just before 7 a.m. Tuesday near the intersection of Burnett and Battle Road in Beasley. 

Adolophine Castillo and her son live next door.

You know, we had never been through that," she told us. "So, it was really scary it happened here and our neighbors were involved."

Castillo said a deputy told her the trailer flipped several times.

Douglas Davidson said he knows the family inside and they're expected to be okay. 

"I was kind of surprised to see all the damage, the trailers flipped over and so forth," Davidson said. "It's a miracle -- looking at all the damage and what occurred there -- it's a miracle no one was severely hurt."

A second nearby home was found damaged but those residents weren't hurt. 

"I think it was a tornado," Davidson said. "I see a house around the street, a brick house, where all the bricks blown off and see a lot of split trees." 

The National Weather Service sent a team to Beasley to assess the damage and they confirmed it was an F-1 tornado. They use radar and the pattern of the damage to determine the strength of the storm.

Also in Fort Bend County, KHOU 11 News viewer Mike White sent us photos of a damaged roofing company on Crabb River Road.

The NWS also confirmed an EF-2 tornado slammed Crockett and an EF-0 hit the tiny town of Snook in Burleson County.

Credit: Mike White
Mike White in Fort Bend County sent us this video of storm damage on Crabb River Road. He said he was at JMC Roofing when he heard a tornado Tuesday morning.

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