CYPRESS, Texas – A family in Cypress is pleading for the public to help them locate a father and husband who went missing after going to Tyler to buy a vehicle.

His wife Bianca Arias says her husband, Alberto Arias-Nunez, 37, was last heard from on December 13 when he told her by phone he was arriving in Tyler from Cypress.

He was traveling there to meet up with a friend who owns a body shop in Tyler and to see a car to possibly buy.

Arias-Nunez was never heard from again.

Bianca said when she couldn't reach him, she called police to report him missing.

She said the friend he went to meet reports meeting up and going to lunch with Arias-Nunez before getting on the road to travel back to Cypress.

Arias-Nunez vehicle was found on December 17 in the parking lot of the Catvish Village in Waskom, east of Tyler.

“When they told me they found the truck and not my husband I was just like, 'God, give me strength.' That's the only thing I can ask for right now.” Bianca said.

The SUV was found unlocked. Arias-Nunez's phone, wallet and keys are still missing but there was no obvious sign of foul-play.

However, foul-play is exactly what his family suspects at this point.

Bianca says his disappearance is unusual and out of character.

Arias-Nunez is an active member in church and a loving and devoted father to their two sons, 6 and 3-years-old, and to their 7-month-old daughter.

“I don't know what to tell to my kids,” Bianca said through tears. “My baby, she just smiles… she doesn't know nothing that is going on and I just wish, to be a kid again and just not to know what's going on.”

This family hopes someone saw something that can lead them to some answers.

“I just asked God to help me find his... I don't want to say body, but I just want to find him and hug him.” she said.

If you or anyone you know has any information about this missing man, contact the Tyler Police Department at 903-531-1090 or Detective Andy Erbaugh (903) 531-1099.