HOUSTON — He survived a fiery car wreck and at least five surgeries, but with half of his body burned, Houston Police Department Officer John Daily is in the fight of his life.

Two-and-a-half weeks into his medical care, the family of Officer Daily is asking for your prayers. The Daily family has a strong faith and they believe in miracles.

“The biggest thing, we as believers, is that there’s power in prayer,” said his father, Owen Daily. “And just over the last 17 days, we know there are people all over the country, all over the world, actually, praying for John, and we have seen tremendous results in just, even the last four to five days.

"Miraculous things have been happening for John. You know, the more people that continue to pray, specifically for John, is greatly appreciated. And also pray for the staff here at the hospital, because they are under a tremendous amount of pressure and taking care of all the different people. And the group that’s working with John is fantastic, and they need to be lifted up also.”

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In the early morning hours of Christmas Eve, Officer Daily and HPD Officer Alonzo Reid were hurt on the job. The police cruiser they were in was hit head-on by a suspected drunk driver. The patrol car burst into flames. Reid was able to make it out, and with the help of a passerby, Reid pulled his partner from the fiery wreckage.

Doctors at Memorial Hermann in the Medical Center say Daily sustained burns across 50 percent of his body. We’re told he’s in a medically-induced coma and has already had five surgeries.

“There’s specific things we’re worried about. His hands and arms and legs,” Owen Daily said. “But just pray in general that he is healed. That he’s made whole again. That he can get back to the job that he loves.”

John Daily’s twin brother, Michael, who’s also an officer with the Houston Police Department said, “We’ve been showered with so much support and love. It’s been great.”

Officer Gregory Maloney teamed with colleagues at the southeast patrol station, which is where Daily works, to create wristbands that read “Fight For Daily” out on the outside and “Stop DWI 2019” on the inside. 

“If it wasn’t me, it would’ve been one of our other brothers or sisters,” said Maloney of getting the 600 bracelets made. They’re being sold for $5, a donation which will be deposited into the accounts for Daily and Reid at www.AssistTheOfficer.com.

“Everything goes to Assist The Officer,” Maloney said. “Assist the Officer is going to split it 50/50 for both families. Obviously, officer Daily is still in the hospital. Officer Reid isn’t. However, his road to recovery is going to be also quite extensive.”

You can also visit any Gulf Coast Blood Center and donate blood in honor of John Daily. 

“The amount of blood that’s been donated has been over 324 units,” Owen Daily said. “You know, John won’t see all of that, and we understand that. But as a first responder, you’re the guy who gets there first. By you donating blood, you’re now that first responder. You’re the person that’s going to help someone else.”

“We say thank you,” Michael Daily said. “And even though John can’t speak for himself right now, he’s really grateful. I can guarantee that.”

To donate to the recovery for HPD Officers John Daily and Alonzo Reid, visit www.AssistTheOfficer.com.

To donate to the Houston Police Family Support Unit, which helps all Houston Police Officers hurt or killed in the line of duty, tap/click here.

To Give Blood, visit www.GiveBlood.org. The donation code for John Daily is 3886PD06.

To contact HPD Officer Greg Maloney about buying a “Fight For Daily” wristband, call (832) 394-1600 or visit the southeast patrol station at 8300 Mykawa Road.