The man charged with the death of a Houston teen on her way home from prom appeared in court Tuesday.

Edin Palacios is charged with murder and evading arrest. Prosecutors said his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit when he ran from police, then crashed into two YES Prep North Central students.

One of the teens, 18-year-old Jocelynn Valero, died at the scene.

Moses Avilar, also 18, is still in the hospital.

On the same day the suspect appeared before a judge, YES Prep Public Schools honored Valero and Avilar.

 Jocelynn Valero 
 Jocelynn Valero 

The two high school seniors were supposed to participate in YES Prep College Signing Day at Toyota Center Tuesday. During the event, seniors announced which college they’re attending in front of classmates, teachers, and parents.

“I don't feel as excited as we were a week ago. We all wish she was here,” said Olivia Carlos, a friend.

Valero planned to attend the University of Houston-Downtown.

A moment of silence was held to honor her Tuesday. Students also saved the girl a seat and wore pins in her favorite color.

The students were also given time to mourn on Monday.

“Yesterday, we didn't end up having classes. We just had time together to make these or cards for her family and remember her,” said Bethany Alcaraz. “She was a very special person. She deserves to be tributed in the way we are today.”

Administrators said Avilar, Valero’s boyfriend, hasn’t picked which college he’ll attend. Teachers called out the names of the four schools he’s been accepted to on his behalf Tuesday.