HOUSTON, Texas – Gabrielle Nguyen has been busy packing up belongings. Her family is vacating their Alief-area home less than three years after moving in.

“Things started getting weird when our son kept getting sick,” said Nguyen.

They later discovered their dream house was once used as a marijuana grow house. A recently filed lawsuit includes photos taken by police during a 2012 raid.

The suit, filed for the Nguyen family by attorney George Edwards, claims neither the former homeowner nor a realtor mentioned the pot growing operation or water damage the family believes it caused.

“I was told that they were using commercial grade water hoses to fill the plant pots or whatever in the kitchen, in the bedrooms, upstairs, everywhere,” said Nguyen.

The family is convinced black mold later uncovered by a contractor was caused by the water.

“Mold was all the way up (our bedroom wall),” said Nguyen.

Nguyen told us her son, Jimmy, continues to struggle with respiratory issues and that the family’s house required tons of attention too.

“We’ve spent over $70,000 on repairs and remediation,” said Nguyen.

Their home was declared mold-free. But Nguyen said her family no longer wants to live in a house with such a history.

KHOU contacted the former homeowner’s attorney, Mitchell Katine. He said Texas law does not require you to reveal that a home was once used a marijuana grow house, unlike former meth houses.

Secondly, he said the Nguyen family was told about some water issues but agreed to a reduced asking price in lieu of an inspection. Both sides are due back in court next month.

Photos: A look inside former marijuana grow house near Alief