Desperate flood victims all over the Houston area are taking to Twitter to plead for help.

"I have 2 children with me and the water is swallowing us up," Maritza tweeted. Please try calling 911 for rescue. Please send help."

It was retweeted more than 1,000 times. Two hours later, she tweeted that they were safe.

"Got picked up by fire and rescue. Thank You. One of you had connections and all I can say is I'll be eternally grateful."

A man named David tweeted, "Urgent water rescue needed now ... cancer patient with feeding tube."

Another man asked for help for his family located in southeast Houston. The Houston Police Department responded saying their dispatch had the call.

And several people tweeted about a "lady in labor in her attic alone because her house has taken on water."

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez replied to as many people as he could, telling them help would be there as soon as possible. He also retweeted asking for help from other agencies.

One woman tweeted him, asking for help for a woman who was stuck on a side street near I-610 at Romea and Wayside.

Gonzalez also tweeted, asking for help from partners for another pregnant woman who was going into labor.

He tweeted an update at 4 a.m. saying EMS reached the woman and she was transported by ambulance.

Sunday night Chief Gonzalez tweeted out a rescue of a Channelview family. Officials used a kayak to help them get out of a high water situation.

Hundreds of first responders are risking their own lives as they spread out across the area to answer the calls for help.

The City of Houston tweeted at 4:43 a.m. Sunday saying their 911 services were at capacity and asked for those who can shelter in place, to please do so.

They say their dispatchers are overwhelmed with the number of calls coming in. Officials are pleading with everyone to not call 911 unless your life is in danger.