HOUSTON — The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is a great place to meet people, make memories and apparently, lose your belongings.

More than 1,700 items have been turned into the lost and found at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo so far with this weekend still to go.

The Rodeo lost and found is so active, it has to stay fully staffed every day of the rodeo to keep up.

For an event as rockin’ as the Houston Rodeo, it’s the one place that just might be your saving grace.

“The most common things people lose are their phones and their keys," said Mary Chamberlain, Chairman of Directions and Assistance.

It’s a room that for some may be the happiest place on Earth, but for others, another dose of disappointment.

They’ve got phones, keys, credit cards, single shoes and strollers. Other items are even more unusual.

“We did have a pair of dentures this year that were already picked up because they were very important," Chamberlain said.

It’s where it all goes, where what’s found on rodeo grounds remains until someone claims.

“If you lose something while you’re here, definitely check in with us," Chamberlain said.

Even if you’ve lost your littlest of loved ones, they’re kept safe there, too.

“The more people you have in a small space, the easier it is to lose someone," Chamberlain said.

Lost and found says they average about 15 lost kids a day. So far this year, the most they’ve had in a day was 35, and the most they've had ever was 83 in an 8-hour window.

“They’re kept company, and we entertain them for a little while until we can find their parents, which usually doesn’t take too long," Chamberlain said.

They’re the people and the place that actually prove all is not lost.

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