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Houston delivery driver manages to escape road rage driver who had a gun

The delivery driver says he honked to warn the other driver he was about to turn down a one-way street.

HOUSTON — Violence stemming from road rage has continued throughout Houston this week.

A  food delivery driver who says he could have easily been a victim during an incident on Wednesday near the Texas Medical Center.

The man was working his job delivering food. The delivery driver, who did not want to be identified, says he honked when a driver started heading down a one-way street.

He says it almost got him killed.

“[The driver] turns his signal to go right on south McGregor, and there’s no turning right because there’s oncoming traffic,” the delivery driver said. “So I honked at him.”

Video from the delivery driver’s dash camera shows what happened next.

“Then they’re going super slow, they were trying to go right again when you can’t, then I honked again, then he just stopped,” the driver said.

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The delivery driver passed the vehicle on its left side as soon as he got the chance, and although he didn’t see it at the time, a handgun was pointed out of the window.

The delivery driver thought it was over until he got to a red light on Holcombe when the vehicle pulled up beside him.

“I see the guy get off, and that’s when he comes out, untucks his shirt and gets his gun out like this, and as soon as he gets out,” the driver said. “And when I saw that I sped off.”

The delivery driver cut across three lanes of traffic to escape.

Unfortunately, so did the driver with the gun.

In a chase that felt like forever for the driver, he continually called 9-11.

Each time, he would hear an automated message letting him know that no emergency dispatchers were available to take his calls for help.

He called 911 seven times and was never able to get through. Eventually, the driver with a gun took off. 

“I never expected them to have a gun,” the man said. "That could’ve ended worse, leaving behind two babies and a wife, I learned a valuable lesson that night.”

Earlier this week, there was another case of suspected road rage that left a 9-year-old girl in a coma. Little Ashanti Grant was shot in the head during a road rage incident in southwest Houston earlier tis week.

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