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Dallas Mayor Johnson proposes restrictions on store hours for sexually-oriented businesses

Johnson plans to place an item on the voting agenda that would require sexually-oriented businesses to close between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.
Credit: City of Dallas

DALLAS — The hours in which certain sexually-oriented businesses can be open in Dallas may soon be changing, according to a memo sent out by Dallas mayor Eric Johnson Friday.

Johnson notified the Dallas City Council Friday that he plans to place an item on the Jan. 26 voting agenda that would require sexually-oriented businesses to close between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. each day in the interest of "public safety."

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia has requested changes to Chapter 41A of the Dallas City Code, bringing up data that showed high incidences of "violent crime" occurred at and around these Dallas businesses during the early morning hours. 

Chief Garcia has said changing these hours would help support his violent crime reduction plan moving forward. 

This agenda item will also amend the Dallas City Code to reflect a new state law that forbids sexually-oriented businesses from employing or contracting with anyone under 21 years of age, according to Johnson.

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Johnson told the council members about the proposed amendments to Chapter 41A on Wednesday, discussing the impact it would have on public safety.

“We must continue to put public safety first in Dallas,” Mayor Johnson said. “Through a 'kitchen sink' approach to public safety in 2021, we achieved a reduction in violent crime that bucked national trends. But to meet our goal of becoming the safest major city in America, we must take our efforts to the next level in 2022.

Johnson also said Garcia's data on what restricting these operating hours would do is "compelling" and that it would put Dallas in line with "other major Texas cities."

“The chief has done exactly what we have asked of him," Johnson said. "We have requested clear plans to address violent crime where it occurs. We have asked police commanders to make data-driven decisions. We have called for solutions that would alleviate the burdens on our police department by eliminating the need for a police response. This plan accomplishes all of those objectives."

In his memo, Johnson mentioned Public Safety Committee Chairman Adam McGough and quality of life, arts and culture committee chairman Adam Bazaldua as two people who were also involved in putting together this proposal.

You can read the mayor's full memo here.

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