Paige Balinski’s relatives say they didn’t realize just how many people cared for her until dozens started showing up at Memorial Hermann Hospital to say goodbye.

Balinksi’s family is looking through photos, gathering pictures for her funeral.

The 23-year-old's tragic death still hasn’t quite sunk in for this family in Crosby.

"It’s just a wave of emotion that hits you, and it hurts," said Sharon Parker, Balinski's aunt. "All you can do is just lay there and cry, so I just start crying."

Early Saturday morning, Balinski was riding her bike home from a nearby Applebee’s, traveling north on FM 2100, when a vehicle hit her.

The driver didn’t stop.

"This is a life," Parker said. "I’m sure he, she, whoever it is, probably has a family, someone in this world that loves them. They wouldn’t want to have their loved one laying in ditch, discarded as nothing."

These are circumstances that are hard for this family to accept, since they say Balinski was so full of life. From ballroom dancing to rock climbing, her mother says Balinski was still finding her way but made sure to enjoy the journey.

Balinski is at Memorial Hermann Hospital on life support so her organs can be donated.

As she prepares to give the gift of life, her family is preparing to say goodbye.

Meanwhile, authorities tell KHOU 11 News they towed a white Jeep Cherokee from a home in Crosby with front-end damage. It is believed it might be the vehicle, but the the driver still hasn’t been found.

If you have any information in this case, please contact the Sheriff’s office.