CROSBY, Texas- Residents in Crosby are wanting answers from the Arkema Chemical Plant. They say it’s been a month since the plant was flooded, and all they’ve gotten are small checks - some not even that.

They say it’s not nearly enough to fix their homes that were taken over by mold while they were forced to stay out.

“It took us 25 years to get here, we don’t want to leave," Linda Johnson said.

It was a simple, yet quiet, life for Linda and Keith Johnson, but that was before.

“Am I going to get back in my home? Am I ever going to be able to live in my home again?” Linda asked.

Now Linda has to wear a mask. She’s has emphysema.

“She told me if there’s any mold anywhere in my home, do not go in my home," she said.

And Keith has a cast after spraining his wrist, trying to rip out sheet-rock. Inside and out, their home is caked with mold.

“The mold is going to be underneath this house," Linda said.

They’ve got an RV parked in their driveway.

“Basically where we stay," she said.

Just like their neighbors, many of them are now living on four wheels.

“You can't get back to work. You can't do your normal routine. You can't take a shower. You can't eat here," Linda said.

She needs answers, and so do they.

“Am I safe being in this yard? Am I safe in my trailer? I don’t know that. I'd like somebody to give me an answer because I don’t know it," Linda said.

Linda called everyone for a meeting on Sunday, including Arkema. One by one, neighbors showed up.

“How are you? How are you? Has Arkema asked you how are you?” she asked the crowd.

And strangers became allies, all seeking some sort of support.

“I want to hear from Arkema. Where are you at? We want back in our homes," Linda said.

Arkema officials did not show during the community meeting.

So the neighbors plan to hold another one, this time in front of the chemical plant itself - hoping to force the company to give them answers. They’re doing that Saturday morning.

KHOU 11 News has reached out to Arkema officials for a response to the community meeting and residents concerns but haven't heard back.