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Hundreds gather in Covington Square demanding justice, peace

Covington Police Chief Stacey Cotton said he was proud of the event.

COVINGTON, Ga. — Nearly 400 people showed up to the Covington Square on Wednesday morning for prayer, asking for unity.

There were families, people from all walks of life, some from Covington and some nearby communities.

Organizer, Timothy Birt, said the idea came to him Sunday night when he couldn't sleep.

Monday morning, he wrote to Covington's police chief and they decided and they decided to make it happen. 

"I love it, I saw the Covington Police Department put it on their Facebook page and that's where it really got out to the people. I love the turnout. I just love that everyone's peaceful, everyone's respectful and everyone's listening," Birt said.

Covington Police Chief Stacey Cotton said he was proud. 

"That's what our job is, to protect people, to let them exercise their freedom of speech and I'm proud when we're able to do that in the right way, that's what our country is about," she said.

Tia Ziegler came to the protest with her three young children. She said this is a difficult topic to teach kids about, but she hopes that by showing them something like this firsthand, it will teach them that there is need for change and also that people care. 

"This is every day, he's black every day so this has to be every day, how people feel and act every day," she said.


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