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'Pedro’s and Luby’s have beef' | Conroe businesses, restaurants in the midst of a 'sign war'

“Pedro’s and Luby’s have beef. We have sweets," one bakery wrote.

CONROE, Texas — At Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant in Conroe, Henry Arevalo-Dominguez is already contemplating his next come-back.

“I love it, I love it,” he said.

The Luby’s restaurant across the street posted this on its outdoor sign this week: “Pedroz spicy tacos & lovers: both painful as they exit.”

In response to the poop joke, Pedro’s posted this:

“Hey Luby’s, how would you know?”

A block away, the bakery has gotten involved, writing:

“Pedro’s and Luby’s have beef. We have sweets.”

The people passing by said they love it.

“'I needed a laugh on the way to work today,'” said Montgomery Bakehouse manager Ethan Schenk, repeating what a customer said. “And I thought, well if our sign can do that, you know, that’s great.”

Schenk said the sign war was started by Luby’s a few weeks ago.

Since then, more and more restaurants have jumped in the ring with clever, mud-slinging phrases.

“Everybody in the community is really getting in on it,” said Luby’s manager Shawn Overstreet.

He said customers have started sharing their own ideas on what to write.

“They come through and they’re like, 'That was so good, but I’ve got a great idea,'” Overstreet said. “And I say, 'Well write it down and give me your name.'”

The sign wars have been good for business too.

“You do have your regulars that you see every day, but right now you’re seeing a lot of new people coming in as well,” Overstreet said.

Arevalo agrees.

“I got a customer, who said it’s my first time here, but he put on the ticket, ‘Go Pedro’s,’” Arevalo said.

But as with everything in life, all good things must come to an end.

We asked when the sign war fighters felt the battle would finally be finished.

“I’d like to see it come to a close in the next few weeks,” Schenk said.

He said he’s hoping things will end on a high note before the fun gets played out.

Some are corny, some are cheesy -- others are a little bit edgy.

“We leave enough to the imagination so it could fall either way,” Schenk said.

So, if you’re driving through Conroe anytime soon, take a moment to stop and read the signs.

They’re almost certain to make you smile.

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