For those that don't like the cold weather, consider conditions tonight to be ghoulish. Jack-O-Latern, meet Jack Frost. The coldest October night in 18 years could be upon us tonight.

October is a month of extreme transition here in Houston. The September heat, left over from Summer's brutal assault, finally concedes to the changing winds from the north as Autumn finally finds its way to our doorstep.

Sometimes the message gets lost in the mail however and 90s continue to raise up from beyond the grave. By the end of the month however, the heat is DOA. Sometimes by the end of the month, like back in 1993, the arctic dam breaks wide open and temperatures can plunge into the 20s, albeit rarely.

The last time 30s made an appearance in October in Houston (Bush-Intercontinental) was back on October 21st, 1999. While we've been in the low 40s many years since then, getting to that magical 30-something has proven to be somewhat difficult. Tonight will likely end that streak of no 30s October. We're forecasting 38° at IAH -- colder north and west, warmer at the coast.

While it was cold Saturday morning area wide, winds were still elevated which causes mixing in the atmosphere. That doesn't allow the air to cool efficiently therefore keeping our temperatures "warmer" by a few degrees than they otherwise would be.

Saturday night, those winds relax to calm as high pressure centers over us. With clear skies and calm winds, temperatures should fall fast starting as soon as the sun gets low in the sky. Some areas north and west of Houston could flirt with the freezing mark.

Currently there are no frost or freeze advisories for our area, we could see some issued later Saturday afternoon.