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Clear Creek ISD kindergarten students witnesses their classmate's adoption

"No family looks exactly alike. We can have all kinds of families today," said Amy Phillips. "I think the love that you share with the kid is the most important."

WEBSTER, Texas — We are celebrating one of Houston’s newest families. Amy Phillips just adopted a 5-year old girl named Ember. Ember’s kindergarten class watched the adoption happen last month after Phillips tried for years to become a mother on her own.

“Well, you kind of wait around as an adult thinking, oh the perfect relationship will come along. And that just didn’t work out for me," Phillips said.

So four years ago, she became a foster parent to children. The children were either reunited with their parents or moved on to another home. 

In December 2018, Phillips welcomed a 3-year old Ember into her home. The two just clicked. And in January 2020, when Ember’s biological parents gave up their rights, Phillips filed for adoption.

“Thank you for giving Ember this opportunity,” said Phillips to Ember’s biological parents. “Thank you for loving her enough to let her have a new family.”

“It’s a lifetime commitment,” said Phillips of adoption. “And I had that space in my home and my heart for that,” and patience for the process. 

The pandemic temporarily shut down the courts. So once the judge was ready on Sept. 18, Phillips asked Clear Creek ISD if Ember’s kindergarten class at McWhirter Elementary School could watch.

“You’re looking at a family coming together, officially,” said Phillips of the experience in a McWhirter Elementary School classroom. 

“And no family looks exactly alike. We can have all kinds of families today. And I think the love that you share with the kid is the most important. And to see a new family start, right in front of their eyes, that was just,” perfect, she said.

If the pandemic’s taught us anything, it’s cherish those you love. 

Lean into family, especially parents, whatever that role may look like for you. 

Their unconditional love can move mountains. Heal pain. Bring comfort. A parent can make the world less scary.

“I hope to do the very best that I can. I know I’m not perfect,” said Phillips, “but I have wonderful like experiences that I can share with her. And I just can’t wait to let her grow and become the best possible person that she can become.”

As of August 2020, there are 457 children waiting to be adopted in the Greater Houston area (which includes Harris and the 12 surrounding counties.) 

If you or someone you know would like more information on becoming a foster or adoptive parent they can go to www.adoptchildren.org for more information.

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