Citing public health concerns, the city’s health authority is ordering dozens of homeless people to pack what they can and leave a section under the Highway 59 overpass in midtown.

After the dozens of people are gone, city workers will clean the area under the bridge. Notices were posted at the site -- commonly known as "Tent City" -- Monday.

Houston’s Health Authority is concerned over human waste, trash and bugs under the bridge. The homeless were told anything they could back into a trash bag the city would store for 90 days, for free. Anything left behind at the site by 8 a.m. Thursday will be thrown in the trash.

The area the city is focusing on is Caroline Street to Almeda Road.

Renesha Allen has called "Tent City" home for the last two months. She’s worried her stuff will be among what’s thrown away.

“How can you tell homeless people to leave from a spot that’s not even deemed a home, and just come back later?” Allen said.

The city isn’t offering to help store or save anything that could possibly be contaminated by any disease, including chairs, couches and mattresses.