KATY, Texas — Big changes are coming to Katy.

Katy Mills Mall spending is millions for a makeover, and developers have broken ground to build a brand-new boardwalk.

“Every time you go back to Katy Mills, you’re going to see something new that you haven’t seen before," said Councilmember Frank Carroll III.

But there’s one new thing that’s actually been there before. The mall is giving up 2,000 square feet to build a police substation.

“There is not a lot of crime, but the crime that does exist, our police are doing a great job of making sure it’s all swept away," Carroll said.

For years, police officers were stationed inside the mall, but that ended in 2011. Now, it’s coming back.

“Whether it made sense in 2011, it makes sense now," Carroll said.

Part of what they’re hoping to fix is the perception.

Carroll said social media has helped spawn rumors the Katy Mills Mall is unsafe. He said it’s not true, but it could be having real impacts on the mall.

“While it’s perception, the perception is the reality, unfortunately, and the Katy Mills Mall is such a huge economic factor to our city that we have to protect it," Carroll said.

Complete with work stations and even a detention space, they’re hoping the substation will increase response times and take away uncertainty.

“I guess it just gives you visual assurance that there are people out here patrolling. They’re taking this serious. They’re taking my shopping experience and my safety seriously," Carroll said.

Katy Police said they hope to have the new substation open and operational by the end of the month.


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