Some people living in Houston’s Museum District fed up with people taking up parking have come up with a unique way to clear the streets.

“No Parking” signs have popped up near Yoakum Boulevard and Bartlett Street, just a few blocks from several popular museums. The problem? According to a city sign just a few feet away, anyone can legally park along that block.

“I don’t’ know why they care,” said Mike Stovall, who was backing into the spot Wednesday afternoon. “Some people feel like they own the street.”

Stovall said he was parking in that spot while he went to work nearby.

“I didn’t even notice (the signs),” said Stovall. “I swear I park here all the time if that one’s available.”

A woman who lives nearby told KHOU she believes her husband put the signs there as a joke and says the constant row of parked cars limits visibility for cars backing out of driveways.

Some neighbors say between museum employees, guests, and nearby construction crews filling up limited free parking in the area, the frustration doesn’t surprise them.

“I can see why they did that,” said resident Alexa Hall. “It’s just limited. Very, very limited.”

“I’m coming from Europe,” said resident Sarah Escalero. “In Europe, everything is so small that parking is a problem in general. Here, I can’t believe that in Houston we’re getting to that point.”

Alanna Reed, a spokesperson for Houston Public Works, says the city’s received reports of 23 fake signs since January 2017.

Reed says real signs will have a City of Houston sticker and a barcode on the back. She says anyone who thinks they’ve spotted a fake sign can call 311, and the city will investigate.

City employees tell KHOU anyone who posts a fake sign could get a ticket.