You may know that chickens don’t fly too well. But a chicken rental service has taken off in Houston.

It gives city dwellers a taste of the farm by supplying them with fresh eggs from their own backyards.

“Well, I grew up on a farm as a kid and just kind of wanted to give my kids that experience,” said Michelle Widger of Cypress. “But living in the city, it’s just not usually possible.”

It is now thanks to a service called Rent The Chicken.

It supplies birds, food, supplies and a coop for up to six months at a time.

“So they can try having farm fresh eggs, and if it doesn’t work out, and they 'chicken out,' we can take them back to the farm, and it’s OK,” said operator Suzanne Gose.

Gose and her family became one of more than 45 Rent The Chicken affiliates in the U.S. and Canada after her husband lost his job in the oil industry.

“Somebody sent me an email and said, 'You need to do this,'” Gose said. “Because I love chickens and I said, 'That’s crazy.' And then I started thinking about it and said,'Wait a minute, spread chicken love?' 'Absolutely.'”

Gose’s husband and children, including 13-year-old Jake, help her deliver the chickens. They also provide tips for caring for them along the way.

“They’re getting a good farm lesson,” Widger said of her family. “And we’re getting eggs out of it, too, so it’s a win-win.”

A coop and its contents cost several hundred bucks, depending on the number of hens. Each of them lays an average of six eggs per week.

You should check any HOA rules before setting up a backyard coop.

To learn more about Rent The Chicken, tap/click here.