HOUSTON– City officials plan to send a surge of outreach to clear Houston’s largest remaining homeless camp.

Under Highway 59 at Caroline Street, KHOU 11 News saw rows of tents, trash, a man grilling and loud interruptions. Trampis Tyrone Edward claimed to live in the camp for 10 years. He is angry.

“Why am I so upset,” he asked. “Because (city officials) make it seem like it’s so hard to get somebody off these streets man. It’s not. I ain’t no rocket scientist.”

However, where and how Edwards and others live frightens neighbors.

“People will come to knock (on) our window and then ask me for money and things like that,” one woman told city council.

“They urinate,” another man told them. “They trashing the place. And I’m just like what can we do about it?”

Several months ago, TxDOT built a fence to chase away people getting high under a bridge nearby.

Houston Police said that crowd moved east into museum park’s neighborhood in councilman Dwight Boykins district.

“It scares me that individuals walking around needing mental health counseling can approach my wife,” Boykins said.

So in crowded room with people anxious to hear solutions, Boykins and police brass told neighbors change will come by the end of the week.

Outreach workers know those living in the camp by name. Their plan involves asking TxDOT to file court complaints on people trespassing under the bridge. Then, police can clear the area and perhaps deliver relief for frustrated neighbors.

However, Edward told 11 News he has no plans to move.