For those who see it in person, It's a gigantic wow for this Yao.

Its an incredible, life-sized Yao Ming bobblehead now owned by Justin Coble of Prime Time Sports collectibles store outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Yes, its as large as Yao. But does it look like Yao?

"I think it looks like him, in the face," said Coble.

Coble said in a Facebook video, the Yao bobblehead, as he understands it, was specially made and displayed at the 2003 NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta, along with other All-Star players.

The Detroit Pistons once touted a similar bobblehead of Ben Wallace, noting it was "produced by Forever Collectibles, who used multiple photographs of Wallace to provide exceptional detail, right down to the tattoos and sneakers, manufactured the bobblehead." The Lakers reportedly sold six of the Shaquille O'Neal life-sized bobbleheads for $27,000 plus tax, per the Pistons.

Coble bought the Yao Ming bobblehead last year from a private collector in Georgia.

"The reason we got Yao, was I thought it would be a great conversation piece."

"A lot of people come in can't believe how tall he is," added Coble. "They want to rub his basketball; they want to touch his hands; get pictures with their kids standing next to him.

"The big one is everyone puts their shoe up to see if it's life-like."

Again, it is. It also weights about 350 pounds.

Makes you wonder If Yao even know it exists?

Coble says he asked himself that same question, after seeing the Rockets retire Yao's number. Whether this Yao bobblehead stays at his shop remains to be seen, however.

"Everything is for sale for a price," he said. "We purchased him with no real end game in sight. Someday we may even give him to Yao. If Yao would so want him. We don't know what we're going to do we haven't really decided."

But for now, Yao continues to be the center of attention.

Photos: USA Today Sports Images, Justin Coble. Video used in this story provided by Justin Coble.