HOUSTON — Sacred Leaf’s interior looks more like mom’s house than a smoke shop.

“You won’t see pot posters on the wall,” said owner Cline Starrett.

The new Eldridge Road shop’s clientele is looking for the benefits of CBD without a buzz.

Many swear by the product’s supposed health properties.

“Our motto is 'You don’t have to get high to get help,'” Starrett said.

Sacred Leaf’s products contain zero THC. That’s the intoxicating compound found in marijuana. Both it and CBD are derived from the cannabis plant.

“So, you won’t get the cloudiness, you won’t get high,” Starrett said. “But you will get relief that you need.”

Sacred Leaf ended up just outside the Sugar Land city limits partly because of the city’s current zoning rules regulating where CBD can be sold.

According to city spokesman Doug Adolph, the shop falls outside of the scope of a law that limits its sale to state-approved dispensaries.

“Per state law, this business is only allowed in conjunction with a pharmaceutical use, and proof must be provided that the facility is listed on the state registry,” Adolph wrote.

Right now, the FDA is trying to figure out how to regulate CBD as more and more shops pop up and as national retail chains prepare to start selling it as well.

Starrett believes it’s more than a craze.

“Because even if marijuana were to become legal, CBD is still going to have its place,” Starrett said.

The owner of a CBD mall cart in the Woodlands told us he plans to open at Deerbrook and Willowbrook malls later this month.

Meanwhile, some police departments regularly check CBD products to make sure THC levels are in check.