MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - A man was arrested after investigators believe he was driving under the influence Thursday evening.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies confirm the driver is Matthew Thrasher.

It was all caught on dash camera video by a KHOU 11 freelance photographer who just happened to be driving on FM 1314 near Porter Thursday evening.

Our photographer noticed another driver cross the center turning lane then drive into a ditch and come back on to the road.

The dash camera video goes on for 10 minutes before other drivers boxed the driver in near an intersection.

A spokesman for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office says the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. He was taken to the hospital for a medical condition but will be charged once he’s released.

The arrest came just hours after law enforcement held a press conference announcing a Memorial Day DUI crackdown.

“We will have extra law enforcement officers along with DPS on the Texas roadways making sure that our roadways are safe,” said Sgt. Erik Burse with the Department of Public Safety.

Across Texas authorities have ramped up patrols through Monday including in Montgomery County which has the highest impaired driving crash fatality rates in the state.

“DUI is a 100 percent preventable crime,” said Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson, “that happens way too often here.”

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the average cost a driver will pay in legal fees after a DUI arrest is $12,000.