Customers say they valet parked their cars at a popular restaurant in the Heights, only to find out their cars had been towed.

It happened at BB’s Cafe Wednesday night. Eleven customers’ cars were towed.

According to a spokesperson for BB’s, the cars were towed due to a dispute with a former valet company.

“BB's Cafe does not profit from any valet company that we partner with. The situation that occurred was unbelievable and we are shocked that an individual would become so angry after we discontinued service with his company,” the company said in a statement. “BB's Cafe will indeed file a harassment complaint against [the valet company owner] and also any towing company and (or) individuals involved with this threatening act."

However, the owner of the former valet company has a different explanation.

He admitted to KHOU 11 News he did have the cars towed, but he says he did it because he has a contract with the lot’s landlord. He claims his company uses the parking garage for other clients, and BB’s Cafe’s new valet company is not authorized to park there.

Either way, the situation left customers frustrated and confused Wednesday night.

“I thought my car would be safe because I valet parked it, but obviously that wasn’t the case,” said Shatwonya Sophus, a BB’s Cafe customer.

The new valet company, RSVP Valet, and the restaurant’s general manager spent Wednesday and Thursday making it up to their customers.

“At BB's, our number one core value is that our Customers are King and last night was no exception. Our main priority was to make sure that the customers that were affected by this situation were taken care of,” the company said in a statement.

The restaurant covered Uber fares, paid for all towing fees and comped customers’ meals. The owner of RSVP Valet said he is also offering gift cards to customers to get their cars detailed.

Sophus says all is forgiven.

“The manager handled it really diligently,” she said. “I almost changed my mind about BB’s Cafe but it turned out well, so I’ll still go there. I’ll still go to the restaurant.”