California businessman Kieu Hoang offered Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner a $5 million donation for Harvey flood relief Monday, city officials said.

Mayor Turner accepted the offer from the Vietnamese immigrant who made $1.25 an hour in the first job in the U.S. The donation will go to the Greater Houston Community Fund.

“Mr. Hoang’s stunning generosity to a community far from his home is a beautiful demonstration of the American spirit that inspires us to reach across the miles to help our fellow citizens,” Mayor Turner said in a statement. “The fact that he started his new life in America at a basic level, and rose to prominence in the business world, is also a lesson for Houston as we bounce back from adversity.”

According to Forbes, Hoang founded Rare Antibody Antigen Supply in 1980 and Shanghai RAAS Blood Products in 1992. He bought a winery and vineyards from the Mondavi estate in Napa Valley in 2014 and now operates the Kieu Hoang Winery.

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