BAYTOWN, Texas — The East Coast is preparing for Hurricane Florence, and Texas is sending some help Wednesday morning.

The America’s Cajun Navy consists of mostly just volunteers, who say they just want to help. They’ve already rescued hundreds of folks through several major hurricanes, including Harvey last year.

This time they’re heading for the East Coast.

Among them is America’s Cajun Navy Texas captain, Taylor Fontenot. KHOU 11 News caught up with him Tuesday as he prepared to make the 18-hour long journey Wednesday.

His team even has a drone this time, so they can guide their boats and rescue people.

Fontenot says 50 of them will leave here from Texas and meet up with 300 others from Louisiana and beyond before heading for the Carolinas together. They will also be joining the 200-plus boats that’ll be coming from the Northeast.

“We have government contacts, DOD (Department of Defense), local military that will kind of guide us cause nobody wants to see what happened in Harvey and Katrina happen again,” Fontenot said.

This group is literally fueled by donations – just enough to cover fuel and put some food in their tummies.

And a lot of times, they’re paying out of their own pockets.

If you’d like to help just go to the America’s Cajun Navy Facebook page.