COLLEGE STATION, Texas - When it comes to fishing, it's a favorite pastime of Former President George H.W. Bush. He hopes to share the pastime through his Vamos a Pescar Education Fund.

On Thursday, at a press conference at the George Bush Presidential Library on the Texas A&M campus, grant money from the fund was presented to conservation, fishing and boating organizations. The goal is to bring Hispanic families together to fish and boat.

"We know that increasingly, our Hispanic families are really going to be the predominant demographic in our state and what we want to do is help reach out to those families, introduce kids now, and to come to the outdoors, make this a family opportunity for really all families across the state," said Carter Smith, executive director of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

As Bush 41 enjoys casting a line, so do the families that came out to fish. For many, it was a new adventure.

"It's something new for me and it's new knowledge that I don't have because I've never gone fishing. This is my first time," said 14-year-old Dulce Aleman, who came with her family.

"Fishing and boating allows you to spend quality time with your kids. You can take them to soccer games and watch them participate in the field, but you're doing this together, it's hands-on learning together," said Frank Peterson with the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation.

And together, families are creating their own memories that will last a lifetime.

Bush's Vamos a Pescar Education Fund was created by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation after an initial donation of $125,000 from the founder of Bass Pro Shops.