It's been nearly five months since Hurricane Harvey slammed Houston, but some areas still have a long way to go -- including Buffalo Bayou Park.

"It was really a sight to be seen," said Anne Olson, president of the Buffalo Bayou Partnership, which manages the park. "Coming in and seeing four to five feet of sediment -- I never thought we'd see anything like that. It really looked like a blizzard had come through."

Olson said they've gotten rid of 90 percent of the sediment, but now they're busy removing the large pond in the dog park, replanting hundreds of trees and replacing equipment.

"We lost over $400,000 worth of equipment that luckily has been paid for by insurance," Olson said. "Buffalo Bayou Park has always been here, just not with the improvements we made. But we always tell people it was designed to flood. We never expected a storm like Harvey, and hopefully, we won't see one like that again."

Just to remove the sediment, the partnership said they're going to spend in excess of $1 million.

With other repairs, this will run a costly tab. The partnership said it is relying on private donations to help with Harvey cleanup.

The soil was tested and it came back fine. The partnership expects the park to be looking like it was in another year.