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Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets named best snack in Texas by food review

The review called the sugar coated corn puffs "deliciously evil" and "not for the faint-of-teeth."

TEXAS, USA — Drive through Texas on the interstate and you're surely to cross paths with one of the many Buc-ee's convenience stores. 

You can't miss them. The gas pump islands have seemingly the cleanest bathrooms and top tier snack options. It's easily a Lone Star staple for road trips. 

And among the Buc-ee's brilliant bites: beaver nuggets. The sugar-coated crunchy, puffy corn pop bites were named Texas' best snack in a review by Food and Wine

The publication set out to name the best snacks in every state, focusing on snacks "able to ship without a lot of effort" that "paint a broad picture of American food culture, and to celebrate the considerable breadth and diversity of what's on offer." 

Food & Wine called them "deliciously evil" and "not for the faint-of-teeth."


They're so good and such an icon that the Beaver Nuggets immediately came to our mind last year when brainstorming new Blue Bell flavors after two flavors were added to the rotation in honor of National Ice Cream Month. One of those flavors, Dr Pepper, was created this month.

After coming up with our list of flavors, WFAA actually made our own Buc-ee's Beaver Nugget ice cream and tried it. It was also once made into a beer by Panther Island brewing.

Clearly, the Beaver Nugget is the obvious choice for Texas' top treat.

What were the best snacks from other states?

Snacks in the states nearby included:

  • Oklahoma: Fried pies 
  • New Mexico: Biscochito
  • Louisiana: Pralines 
  • Arkansas: Cured venison
  • Mississippi: Kool-Aid pickles
  • Colorado: Edibles
  • Kansas: Sunflower seeds
  • Missouri: Red Hot Riplets

For a look at the full list, visit Food and Wine here.

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