Get ready for some legendary weather around town and at the Rodeo for the next three days. A weak cold front passed through this morning spelling an end to the 80s and a return to the lower-humidity of the comfortable air. Highs will only reach the lower to middle-70s over the next few days which means it'll cool into the upper-60s to around 70° by rodeo-time each evening. This will make for perfect weather to walk around and see the sights and sounds. If you're out late you may want to bring an extra layer, but otherwise you'll be fine. To get a stretch of weather like this so early in March is a bit rare, especially when one looks back and previous Rodeo years when it's either been too chilly or too rainy. The party ends Sunday as a warm front moves-in, sparking a return to the dreary, cloudy skies, drizzle and rain showers. The good news is that any rain for the second half of the weekend should be pretty light. A more significant cold front Monday night may bring heavier rains to the region when Rascal Flatts is slated to perform. We'll keep you updated right here, and on TV. -Brooks Garner