While plants everywhere are waking up, the Virginia Creeper vines are still asleep. As anyone who knows this vine can attest, when they wake up -- the WAKE UP! They start running and can't be stopped. This produces incredible cover for walls and fences, but some says it's a nuisance and even apply the derogatory term, "weed" to this (in)glorious vine. Sure it's an aggressive grower, but at least its suction cups are among the only vines here that don't tear up bricks and grout. Think climbing figs are all the rage? Think climbing fig is the only only classy way to cover a wall? Wait until you see the damage to your structure when you try to cut it back. What do you say? Is Virginia Creeper a weed or not? Either way, we'll know spring is unstoppable when this vine starts to creep! -Brooks Garner