HOUSTON — I see Houston's first freeze ahead! Well, it is not guaranteed because it's 7 days away and forecasts can change in that wide of a time frame but as of now models do suggest a dip to 32° on the morning of November 14th. That's next Wednesday.

What's the earliest freeze in Houston history? Oct. 20, 1989! So we're certainly in range.

If an El Nino pattern does set up as it has been forecast, we'd likely see more frequent storm systems riding an unusually active southern jet stream all winter. This higher chance for precipitation combined with these occasional bouts of arctic air could lead to more snow this winter.

Are you ready to bounce between this summer pattern with sweltering humidity, to a whiplash arctic air mass featuring frosty mornings next week? Thankfully it won't be hard freeze, so you won't need to cover your plants, but if frost can burn sensitive tropical varieties and fragile blooms, a sheet should do the trick. >>Meteorologist Brooks Garner - Follow me on Instagram