Regular rains have kept many backyards on the soppy side this spring. More storms are on the way tomorrow. After Harvey, southeast Texas is safely free of drought, but dry times await... Spring is climatologically one of our wetter periods and we do have flood events this time of year. The Tax Day floods are a prime example. That said, while we won't be 100% rain-free during the month of March, extended outlooks appear to feature drier than normal times ahead. At the best this means our yards will get a chance to dry out. At worst, we may need to think about watering toward April. I'd be personally surprised if it gets too dry around here before summer settles-in, but in this forecast hemispheric patterns would steer many of the normal rain-makers around us. While there'd be benefits to fewer mosquitoes, it would be good if the water table could stay a bit higher, because from July through September, most of the heavy rain Houston encounters comes from either isolated afternoon storms -- or from tropical system. Stay tuned! -Brooks Garner