HOUSTON - A professional bodybuilder at Houston Gym has started to inspire and train a group of differently abled adults.

Skylar Conover, current Ms. Wheelchair USA, works out at the gym. Along with her muscular dystrophy, she has dreams too.

"She wants to change the world just like I want to change the world and people's mindsets about fitness," said Conover. The "she" she is referring to is Tina Chandler.

Chandler is a four-time Ms. Olympia competitor and professional bodybuilder. However, most days you can find her working on her client's muscles instead.

"We do things a little different, but we can get it done," said B.J. Glaze, one of Chandler's clients. Both B.J. and her husband have cerebral palsy. But now, they also have a coach.

"She made me feel awesome. She made me feel special," said B.J.

The goal for Tina and her husband is to help people who are differently abled, but in the process, to help the rest of us too.

"We just want to inspire and awaken everybody that you can do it. There are no excuses," says Carl Ducena, Chandler's husband.