Who doesn't like a good ride? Just because we don't have a Six Flags Astroworld anymore doesn't mean we can't go for a ride on the 'ol Texas Tornado coaster! (While we don't have twisters in the forecast, it will go from cold, to rainy to really warm in just 48 hours. That'll have your head spinning.) Highs today will barely reach 50 thanks to clouds and drizzle. A warm front pushes-in a spring air mass tomorrow, but produces a bunch of rain in the process making for a drippy Tuesday. The ride continues Wednesday as temperatures skyrocket into the upper-70s and low-80s for highs through Friday! Then... the free fall! A cold front pushes 40s into the region for next Saturday. Hang on! It's going to be a wild ride. Houston is just doing Houston. Nothing out of the ordinary considering this, "transition zone" time of year as winter loses its icy grip and spring pulls a Charlie Sheen and screams, "#winning." -Brooks Garner

<p>Meteorologist Brooks Garner is winner of 2016 'Best Meteorologist', by the Houston Press. (Would you have a beer with him, too?)</p>