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Houston residents have to sign waiver to get belongings back after apartments destroyed in tornado

It's been three days since Beamer Place Apartments residents have had access to their homes. But before they can get in, they have to sign a five-page release.

HOUSTON — Frustrated and overwhelmed are just some of the emotions Beamer Place Apartments residents are experiencing after their homes were completely destroyed Tuesday in a tornado.

Two days later, residents are finally able to get back to their homes and grab whatever is salvageable but before they can do that, they have to sign a five-page release. 

"They are trying to cover their own behinds," said Arelia Olson, a resident. "I shouldn’t have to sign something to get access to my stuff."

"It breaks my heart these people doing people this way," said Lois Brown, another resident. 

The apartment complex manager said the release is to protect the apartment from being liable for any injuries occurring inside the complex. 

Residents feel what they're having to do is unfair. 

"It's horrible," Britney Moore said. You shouldn't have to sign all your rights for something that happened out of nowhere in order to get your stuff."

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Attorney Ruth Rivera said the document is broad and it's waving all claims from any date against the complex.

"Talk to the apartment, say I want to get my belongings, I can't sign this," Rivera said. "This is why and have them meet you in the middle. Everything is essentially negotiable. The apartment complex went too overboard. Hopefully, they would be sensible and amend some of these terms."

Most residents said they have lost everything and for the little things they can keep, they don't have the money to transport them to another location. 

The manager of the apartment complex said residents have until next week to get their belongings, and if necessary, the week after that, but another hurdle stands in the way for these residents. Rain is expected across Houston this weekend and the apartment building will be closed because of it. 

FEMA representatives were at the apartment complex Friday getting images of the damages. They will be there again Saturday to do a ground survey.

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