GALVESTON, Texas -- A recent fishing trip to Galveston turned into a day beachgoers will never forget after someone reeled in a shark.

The video -- shot by Attalia Borden -- is now making the rounds on the Internet.

"I was there with my kids," said Borden, who saw the woman reel in the shark while he was enjoying some fun in the sun on the east end of the island.

Borden recorded the whole thing while others jumped in to help.

"This guy starts pulling on the cord, and I heard everybody screaming, 'Get out of the water!'" Borden said. "Somebody made a joke, 'What? Did she catch a shark?' And that's what it was."

Peter Davis is Chief of the Galveston Beach Patrol.

"It's very unlikely that you're going to get bit by a shark when you come to the beach here, but it does make sense to take reasonable precautions," Davis said.

He says an area on the east end of the island is a known shark fishing spot, close to where this shark Saturday was caught.

The area -- which is not for swimming -- is 2 miles off the shore where the ship channel empties into the gulf.

Meantime Davis said in his 30-plus years here, he insists every bite he's seen has had something to do with schooling.

"One of the main things we tell people is don't swim in the middle of schooling fish, because it could be a case of mistaken identity -- sharks eating the fish and bites a hand by accident," Davis said.

Back in 2015, a 13-year-old was bitten when he and another boy swimming in Galveston were hit by a school of fish.

No matter how rare these occurrences are, Borden said he isn't taking any chances.

"I'm not messing with no sharks," Borden said. "I hardly even mess with Galveston water, so they were lucky they saw it when they saw it. I'm going to leave the sharks for TV."

Thankfully no one was bitten in this situation, but Davis said there are other things you can do to protect yourself: Shuffle your feet in shallow water, don't swim if you are bleeding, and if there aren't any lifeguards around, don't swim alone.