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'Consistent theme' | KHOU 11 legal analyst on lawsuits filed in wake of Astroworld Festival tragedy

We spoke with a lawyer who was among the first to file as well as KHOU legal analyst Carmen Roe.

HOUSTON — The lawsuits are piling up in the wake of the Astroworld Festival tragedy. Eight people died and hundreds more were injured

“He hurt his neck, he hurt his back, he was in the stampede," attorney Vuc Vujasinovic said.

Vujasinovic represents one of the hundreds of people hurt in Friday night’s devastating mass casualty incident at Astroworld and was among the first to file suit. He's representing a 30-year-old client.

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“He was at the mercy of this massive, moving crowd. He witnessed people getting trampled. He witnessed bodies being carried away. It was … it was awful,"  Vujasinovic said.

On Monday, KHOU 11 learned of a number of lawsuits already filed.

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"There is a consistent theme in all of these lawsuits ... they allege negligence and gross negligence. And they allege it from different parties," legal analyst Carmen Roe said.

While Roe said it might be too soon to know who is at fault, what separates this lawsuit, is that it names NRG Park and Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation as defendants.

“There’s no question that we’ve heard from a number of different attendees in this event – that they were short on staff, and that the staffing that was there was perhaps not trained or have the right equipment to assist people under these emergency circumstances," Roe said.

Not named – as of yet – in this particular suit is Travis Scott himself. But Roe said his past events could play a role in other suits that do name the Houston rapper.

“Different concerts and festivals where people have been injured, where he’s been cited, where he’s been charged criminally. And this is just something that suggests that we could have perhaps known that bad things might happen if we went down that same path here in Houston," Roe said.

With the scores of people affected by the tragedy, Vujasinovic said the number of people who could be seeking damages could continue to grow.

“A lot. I mean there’s so many people impacted by this. It’s so obviously – something obviously went wrong. And people need help," Vujasinovic said.

The next steps for the suits are hearings on temporary restraining orders.

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