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'There was a lot of drugs' | Astroworld Festival attendees say they believe drug use could have led to deadly event

Five teens gave their account of the festival on Tuesday. They said drugs were rampant and could have played a role in the deadly events of the night.

HOUSTON — Editor's note: At a news conference on Wednesday, Houston Police Chief Finner walked back his earlier report that a security guard said he was pricked in the neck with a needle before he passed out. The chief now says the guard was hit in the head.

More teenagers are coming forward to tell their horrifying experiences from Astroworld Festival. Eight people died and hundreds more were injured on Friday night.

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Five of them gave their accounts from their attorney’s office in River Oaks. They said they're traumatized, and for the first time, they are sharing accounts of drug use and drug selling that they said occurred at the festival.

They said their nightmare experiences should not be forgotten.

“It’s a whole nightmare that continues to play every night in my head,” Eligio Garcia said.

They said they were pushed against metal barricades and pleaded with security guards for help. They said they were ignored.

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The serious injuries they claim to have on Tuesday are less visible than their bruised ribs.

They said they’ve been traumatized.

On the heels of reports that drug use at the festival may have possibly contributed to some of the injuries and deaths, KHOU 11 News asked the teens what they witnessed.

“There was a lot of drugs,” festival attendee Ashley Chapa said. “At one point, we were leaving the smaller stage where all the smaller artists were playing and were walking to Travis Scott, and we passed by this man with a Snapchat screen, and they wrote the text on there and it said, ‘LSD for $15.’ And obviously, little kids, young people, were there and they’d be, like, ‘Oh, I’ve never tried this before, let’s try it.’”

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The Houston Police Department would not comment on media reports claiming police are investigating the possibility that fentanyl-laced drugs may have played a part in Friday night’s chaos.

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The teens KHOU 11 News spoke with Tuesday said they believe pervasive drug use at the concert likely did play a role in the events.

Attorney Rick Ramos said he's representing more than 30 of the festival attendees and that lawsuits are in the works.

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