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Army veterans with two babies still living in RV after Harvey

Jessica and Brad Fief say although they had flood insurance, the payout barely scratched the surface of the damage.

LA PORTE, Texas - There’s a La Porte husband and wife, both Army veterans, whose home was devastated by Harvey. More than a year later, they are still living in an RV, along with their two young children, and feel forgotten.

Jessica and Brad Fief say although they had flood insurance, the payout barely scratched the surface of the damage.

“I actually reached out to you guys (KHOU), because I didn't know what else to do,” Jessica Fief said.

“It's hard. I don't see a time where we are not living in that RV.”

The family had roughly 1.5 inches of water throughout their home. Harvey left them needing a new roof, house siding, appliances, walls, floors and everything in between.

Damages are estimated to be $149,000, however, say insurance only paid out $70,000, which went to the roof and rotted outside of the home.

The Fiefs are Army veterans who served time overseas in Afghanistan before starting a family.

“We have two children...one angel baby, so, we have three," Fief said.

Their first child, Tanner, was born at just 31 weeks old and died 21 hours later. Tanner was conceived by IVF, and doctors told Jessica that a natural pregnancy was unlikely.

“Being told that I wouldn't be able to have children naturally was very difficult for me," Fief said.

However, their second child, Taylor, came to them through adoption.

“CPS called us and asked us if we would like to take in a little girl,” Fief said. “I remember looking at her and telling her that I'd always be there for her and would protect her.”

Then when Taylor was 5 months old, the Fiefs learned they’d have a third child.

“On Mother's Day of 2017, I found out that I was pregnant naturally! It was a big surprise," Fief said.

Fief was pregnant with their third child when they evacuated for Harvey. Their house was destroyed, and now they’re all living in one small RV trailer parked in their driveway.

“It's so crowded. He can't have a little jumper or anything in here, because there's just no room," Fief said.

Despite their time serving in the Army, the family says this past year has been one of the most difficult times of their life.

“You have to be pretty mentally tough to go to Afghanistan. But the fight that I've been fighting here is so much worse because it's every day," Fief said. “I want to be back in my house. And so, my hope is that somebody out there can give us guidance on something that's out there for us.”

If you think you can help this family, please send us an email to forgotten@khou.com.