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Why Texas liquor stores are closed Christmas Day - and Monday, too

With many holiday parties and gatherings planned for this weekend, some may be wondering how late they can wait to get some alcohol for the occasion.
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DALLAS — Christmas Day is finally upon us. 

With Christmas Eve and Christmas Day both on the weekend this year, many likely made plans to go out and be merry with their friends and family. 

But for those who planned on bringing some alcohol to spice up their party, we hope you planned ahead.

Liquor stores were only open on Friday and Saturday this weekend. 

Liquor stores in Texas are required by law to remain closed on Sunday, and they're also prohibited on Christmas Day. And that added wrinkle in the Texan Liquor Control Act, which restricts the sale of alcohol, means liquor stores will also be closed on Monday, too.

The law prohibits liquor stores from being open on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

When the latter two holidays fall on a Sunday, as they do this year, liquor stores are also closed on the following Monday. The state enacted the Monday ban, like we'll see this year, in 1979 to give liquor store workers another day off.

The liquor control act banning Sunday sales goes back to 1935, when it was passed following the end of Prohibition.

Christmas Eve, however, was a typical day for liquor stores, which were required to close by law by 9 p.m. New Year's Eve will also be a typical day for Texas liquor stores this year.

So, if you were planning on bringing some alcohol to your Christmas gathering this year, we hope you planned ahead. And that will be the case again next weekend for New Year's Day.

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