HOUSTON - The world premier of a new traveling space exhibit opens Saturday, October 14, 2017 at Space Center Houston.

"Destination Moon - The Apollo 11 Mission" is on loan from the famed Smithsonian Museum.

It looks at the Space Race and ultimately what America was able to accomplish in eight short years. From 1961 - 1969, an army of 400,000 people worked to land men on the moon.

They included Chester Vaughan who's career lasted thru the International Space Station. About Apollo, Vaughan remembers, "We didn't even know if we could do it when we started."

Among the 20 mission artifacts on display are Buzz Aldrin's helmet & gloves. They are part of a space suit which is like a tiny space craft to protect astronauts.

Vaughan explains, "Out in space, you got 0 pressure. You've got to have 3- 4 p.s.i. If you don't, your blood boils."

Aside from the dangerous stuff, there are other retrospectives.

Space Center Houston President and CEO William Harris says, "You've heard there is graffiti inside the Apollo capsule? The exhibit includes a 3D representation of it and you can read exactly what astronauts wrote."

Next to the hand-written moon map coordinates and calculations is also a note that reads "Urine bags from launch day." It's a space exhibit that has its down to earth elements.