Houston-area animal shelters say they are seeing an enormous number of pets getting dropped off at facilities this summer and are asking for the public's help in finding the animals homes, permanently or temporarily.

The city’s BARC shelter reports a current animal population of more than 600 dogs and cats.

The Harris County Animal Shelter reported earlier this week that nearly five dozen puppies were dropped off at its facility in just one hour.

“The summer months is when we get the most animals,” said BARC foster program coordinator, Taylor Klein. “Right now we’re getting well over 100 animals a day.”

Klein says her foster program is a way for individuals to give immediate help without having to make a long-term commitment.

The foster program at BARC allows for people to temporarily adopt dogs or cats, usually those that are unadoptable at the time.

BARC provides the pet’s foster parent(s) with free food for the animals, vaccines, medications and pet supplies.

“As hard as it is to say ‘bye,’ and I cry as well,” Klein said. “There’s always another one that needs you.”

Puppies and kittens at BARC do not seem to have trouble finding homes.

Nearly every one of the cages containing a puppy or a kitten Saturday morning had a pending adoption sticker on them by 3 p.m.

The older dogs not getting adopted though fall into the young adult and adult categories. Two out of every ten animals at the shelter never find a home and are put down.

“Some animals can stay upwards of 60-plus days so we definitely give them every chance we can through fostering or adopting of course,” Klein said.