A rare type of bacteria called Lepto can be deadly for pets if left untreated.

Brody, a Houston dog, has been diagnosed with Lepto. His owner took him to the veterinarian when he became lethargic and stopped eating.

Lepto is found in wild animals, and it’s passed through urine, which means it can get into standing water and infect your dog. It can also get humans sick if they come in contact with their dog’s urine.

Houston veterinarian Dr. Ryan Famrer says Lepto is likely more common in the Houston area after the wave of flooding.

“I think with our area, the amount of water we have, being on the coast, we’ve got lots of standing water, lots of flooding,” Farmer said. “Being concerned about it would be a top priority for pet owners.”

Farmer says Brody is showing signs of improvement. You can protect your pets by getting the Lepto vaccine.