SAN ANTONIO -- High school students in San Antonio are actually training puppies to become guide dogs for the blind.

Madison High School FFA program has its own guide dogs program that started just a few years ago.

The students start working with the guide puppies from about 8-10 weeks old getting them used to different environments and training them on the basics, like sitting and going to sleep.

When the reach about one and half years old, they are sent back to facilities in California and Oregon to receive more in-depth training to become a working guide dog.

High school senior Katherine Juhl joined the program because she wanted to work with animals and help blind people become more independent.

“These dogs give someone who is visually impaired the ability to be more independent, to be able to walk outside to a bus stop and not need the help of another person,” Juhl said.

If you would like to get involved with the program or donate, the group has a Facebook page.