Parents often worry if their child will have a normal life after finding out their child has a learning delay or disability.

There’s a school in west Houston, however, prepared to help and it's doing so with a very unique, very adorable helper.

Inside the Parish School, kids learn what you’d expect: geography, math and history—but they’re also learning something else from a very cute puppy named Flight.

"You are focused," says speech pathologist Heather Hillery to a 4-month-old golden retriever. "Good puppy! Are you ready to go in and read to the kids?"

Kids at the school learn differently, each one diagnosed with a learning delay or disability, something that can be difficult for parents.

"For a parent, it's a devastating feeling," said Nancy Bewley, who’s head of the school. "So they come in with a lot of emotion a lot of worry."

It’s a feeling often echoed by the kids like fifth grader David Spisak.

"I either feel frustrated or anxious or overwhelmed or stressed," Spisak said.

And that’s where Hillery and Flight come in, a service dog in training for Canine Companions.

As a speech pathologist and dog lover, Hillery thought having the students help train Flight could be mutually beneficial. Together they’ll help Flight learn up to 40 commands.

"She has provided an opportunity for us to have a functional, purposeful, project oriented approach to learning," Hillery said.

It’s not just that this pup’s cute, she actually makes life easier.

"She's really special and unique," said fifth grader Natasha Ramirez. "It's not often you get to meet a cute dog like her—except poodles. She really makes my heart—makes me feel a whole lot better."

"She calms me down a lot," Spisak said. "She is the one that makes my days better."

Once Flight's training is complete she’ll be sent up to Dallas to become a full-time service dog.