PEARLAND — For Pearland Animal Control and Adoption Center, it’s a hard time keeping up.

“This is all the litter I got right now," Manager Shari Coleman said.

From the strays to the surrenders, kennels are kept at capacity most of the time. But this time of year becomes especially burdensome.

“It’s not that we will ever run out totally, the city will never allow that, but it doesn’t hurt to help," Coleman said. “I'm sure any facility in the area could use some help but we really need the cat litter.”

Coleman says their biggest needs right now are for the felines - just some plain ol’ kitty litter and dry cat food.

“So we’re just going through more, and we just don’t want to sacrifice their comfort," Coleman said.

On top of that, they’ll take anything else like more treats or toys, dog chow, detergent and even your old towels.

“Think of your local shelters. We need the items. We go through so much of it. And sometimes people have pets that they don’t like what their parents have bought them and it gets thrown away, and there’s no need for that," Coleman said.

But the donations they need most are new homes.

You can drop off those donations at the shelter seven days a week, during normal business hours.

More information can be found online.