A Houston dog is going viral because of dramatic weight-loss.

An 8-year-old dachshund went from “Fat Vincent” to “Skinny Vinnie” after dropping more than half his body weight.

Vincent was taken in by K-9 Angels Rescue after his elderly owner died. His foster mom, Melissa Anderson, says he was cared for but overfed.

“We think it was fast food,” Anderson says. “A lot of times when elderly people are getting sick, it’s the only way they show love, with food.”

But with high cholesterol and at risk for diabetes, Vincent’s veterinarian put him on a diet and encouraged exercise.

Skinny Vinnie now weighs 16 pounds.
Skinny Vinnie now weighs 16 pounds.

Anderson says Vincent could barely walk, so his exercise routine began in the pool.

“Before long, he was swimming laps, back and forth, 20 minutes a day,” she said.

Vincent dropped 22 pounds—from 38 to 16 pounds—and now walks about an hour a day.

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Anderson says he is a calm pet despite having several different owners: two of whom died and another who couldn’t handle having a pet and returned Vincent to the shelter.

Vincent isn’t up for adoption yet, but the officials say they want to place him with a local family.