PASADENA, Texas—Wesam Alkhani is determined to bring his Siberian Huskie back home.

But the highly trained service dog is at the center of a dispute pitting the man against the Pasadena Animal Shelter.

The problems began a couple of weeks ago when Wesam Alkhani left Seattle to begin a new life in Texas.

Alkhani who suffers from Epilepsy brought his 5-year-old Siberian Huskie named Scout along with him.

“When I have a seizure, I black out for a solid 20 minutes,” said Alkhani. “If no one’s around to help, Scout would be the one to alert people of that.”

But while Alkhani was staying with friends in north Houston, Scout vanished.

“We put flyers up. We asked around. We were driving around asking people if they had seen a huskie.”

Days later, he learned scout had been dropped off at the Pasadena Animal Shelter but by then, the dog had already been adopted out to a new family.

“It was difficult to accept that they were just going to leave me in the dark like that without even giving me a chance to see my dog.”

Scout had been held for 72 hours before the adoption which is consistent with shelter policy. And the shelter’s director said when they scanned Scout’s microchip, the phone number that came up was no longer in service.

Alkhani admits the chip had not been updated but wants the shelter to provide the contact information for Scout’s new family or at least pass on a message. So far, the shelter is refusing to.

“I’m like feeling lost. Feeling really overwhelmed. I hope they can find it in their heart to contact me or return the dog.”

That’s why he hopes the family hears his story.

“He’s my best friend,” said Alkhani.