ALVIN, Texas - A young girl is being hailed a hero after her dad suffered a medical emergency.

Gracie Fredericksen, 10, is described as shy and quiet. When she saw that her father needed help she remained calm and jumped into action.

Jeff Fredericksen continues to recover at the Bay Area Regional Medical Center.

Doctors are trying to figure out what happened to him but believe it’s heart-related.

One thing they do know is his daughter, Gracie, saved his life during a scary situation.

On Friday night Jeff was rearranging Gracie’s room when he fell to the ground.

“Whenever he fell he kind of was holding his hand and was bleeding so I kind of thought that was serious and I looked for his phone,” Gracie said. “I needed to call somebody so they could come and help him and get him somewhere.”

Gracie’s phone was not charged so she used her little brother’s iPod Touch to FaceTime her mom.

Her mom was able to dial her husband’s phone.

When Gracie found her dad's phone she dialed 911 and got first responders to the house.

Gracie’s mom, Kelly Fredericksen also called 911 but dispatchers wanted to talk with Gracie so she could describe her father’s symptoms.

Home surveillance cameras captured first responders outside the home in the 300 block of Lake Line Drive.

“The ambulance showed up and cops showed up and I opened the door and they just said ‘Where is he?’ and then they walked to him and started helping,” Gracie said.

Surveillance cameras show Jeff carried out on a stretcher while Gracie took care of her little brother.

Kelly said she asked Gracie why didn't she call 911 from FaceTime. Gracie said she tried but it didn't work.

“Her dad’s here because she called somebody. They found him. His heart rate was 20. He might not have woken up from it had she not been there and seen it and acted as fast as she did,” Kelly said.

Kelly had not drilled to her kids what to do in case of an emergency but that all changed after this scare.

As for Gracie, the number one lesson she’s learned from all this is to always keep her phone charged.